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GORE-TEX® styles Climate and waterproof

Our GORE-TEX® products keeping your feet dry and at a good temperature for outdoor adventures or city exploring

What is GORE-TEX®?

GORE-TEX® technology is unique and renown all over the world, but what exactly is GORE-TEX®?

Our GORE-TEX® product are layered with a GORE-TEX® membrane that protects you.

Its pores sizes allows water vapor from your sweat to pass through, but are small enough to prevent water drops to come in.

In addition, a water repellent coating causes water rolls off it instead of sinking in.

Womens GORE-TEX® styles Mens GORE-TEX® styles Kids GORE-TEX® styles

GORE-TEX® Insulated Ideal for: walking/hiking

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GORE-TEX® Extended Ideal for: walking/city

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GORE-TEX® Performance Ideal for: walking/sport

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How to care

Mud, water, dirt lead to excess wear and tear. Follow the advice below to ensure keeping your GORE-TEX® shoes longer

  • Using lukewarm water, remove dirt and mud with a cloth or brush.
  • Don’t expose your GORE-TEX® shoes to direct heat. Lay them upside down with some newspaper inside.
  • Don’t use products containing wax, grease or silicon.
  • The GORE-TEX® membrane is not accessible and doesn’t need care.

How to wear

Depending on the socks you wear, the GORE-TEX® membrane can be more efficient. As cotton socks store moisture, we recommend using wool or wool blend socks.

Womens GORE-TEX® styles Mens GORE-TEX® styles Kids GORE-TEX® styles
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